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Barnstormers Receives More Than A Million Visits and 17 Million Pageviews From 200 Countries - EVERY MONTH


Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"I am impressed!!! I sold my 1959 Cessna 150 very soon after it came out on the "BARNSTORMERS.COM website... FOR FULL PRICE ASKED." - Leon Andrews - Germantown, Tennessee - 21 Jul 2008


"My advertised 1946 Cessna 140 has been sold! The ferry pilot flew it to a new home in Kentucky. Thank you for a well-known and respected website that made this sale possible in a very short time. " - Jimmie Seeley - Orange Park, Florida - 20 Jul 2008


"MY VAN'S RV7A SOLD IN TWO DAYS!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS. I appreciate getting my RV7A sold in two days!" - Ed Neffinger - Oak Ridge, New Jersey - 16 Jul 2008


"Thank you for your great service. I placed my ad on June 26th and I watched my Starduster II leave with its new owner this morning (7-11-08) - 15 days after I placed my ad. You truly have the best aviation web site on the Internet. Thanks again and I will be sending a donation." - John C. Mercer - Dayton, Ohio - 11 Jul 2008


"THANKS BARNSTORMERS! Sold my prop within 1-1/2 hours!" - Mitchell Cunningham - Greer, South Carolina - 04 Jul 2008


"Within one hour of submitting my Bonanza ad on Barnstormers, I had the first of several calls and email inquiries. The first caller is the one that has made an offer and we have accepted. Pre-buy is complete and we expect to close this week. This is after more than a year of local newspaper ads, craigslist, and the "yellow rag". My donation is on the way. You will have my future business." - David Maib - Minneapolis, Minnesota - 23 Jun 2008


"I sold my X-Wind Pazmany PL-1 within 45 minutes of posting my ad on BARNSTORMERS.COM" - Bill Andersen - Rapid City, South Dakota - 21 Jun 2008


"My TriPacer Wing sold in one day! THANK YOU BARNSTORMERS!" - Dave Coulson, Coulson Airmotive - Roseville, Ohio - 15 Jun 2008


"The Barnstormers website is a great source of aviation excitement.... a place to buy... sell.... or just "surf and just dream". I think many pilots don't admit this but you have created a "playground for the aspiring aviator". Thanks for being so creative!" - Greg McCarthy, ATP, since 1965, CFI-asel-amel-RHelo, CFII, and "just a Vietnam helo relic!" - Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania - 14 Jun 2008


"What an awesome website. Who says we are in a recession? I listed my Cessna 150H and sold it for full price in 1 day! I had many, many other inquires after she was sold. Thanks Barnstormers for a great web site." - Dave Huntington - Syracuse, New York - 14 Jun 2008


"Thank you so much for keeping up this site, I placed an ad and my project plane sold quick and easy !! I have sent in a donation through Paypal to help keep the site going. Thanks again!" - Robert Burington - Downieville, California - 10 Jun 2008


"WOW ! Your site is definitely the best for advertising." - Ken & Regina Pabo - Independence, Oregon - 03 Jun 2008


"I can't thank Barnstomers enough. My plane (Cessna 152) sold in 8 days. I had enquiries from all over the world. What amazing reach your website has." - Vicki Kett - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada - 26 May 2008


"I advertised in the well-known Controller printed publication and also on their website. After 5 months and only 2 e-mailed responses, I moved the ad to Barnstormers. Being featured on the Barnstormers homepage really worked wonders. Within a day, buyers were clicking through to my home page and e-mailing to me. I received a phone call from Australia and that has turned into a sale. Yesterday I flew my GlaStar for the last time, taking it to a facility to be crated for sea shipment to Sydney. Success measured in weeks, not months. Thanks Barnstormers!" - Robert M. Simon - Columbus, Ohio - 20 May 2008


"Thank you, Barnstormers! I had a great response to my ad on the FH1100! It sold in a very short amount of time. I appreciate the great exposure and customer service for getting my aircraft sold!" - Don Arvold - Colfax, Wisconsin - 16 May 2008


"Just to let you know that the trailer sold within 3 hours of placing the ad on Barnstormers for the asking price and to someone with a Kitfox 4! I have had 5 calls about it since then. Can't believe the response! Thank you, Barnstormers." - Ron Gilmore - Chester, California - 05 May 2008


"I sold my 2006 Searey. I got more calls on the front page of your web site than I received from all the other advertising mediums together including Comptroller, Aerotrader, and eBay. Thanks BARNSTORMERS! " - Mike Brill - Palm Beach, Florida - 05 May 2008


"My current Barnstormers ad has just gotten me a job. Barnstormers is truly the best place to post any aviation ad. I tell all my students about this website." - Tony Markl - Marydel, Maryland - 27 Apr 2008


"Thank you for your service. I sold my Midget Mustang-1 in one day." - Lloyd Epperly - Naples, Florida - 17 Apr 2008


"Barnstormers, in my eyes, is the new powerhouse in selling aircraft! I ran an ad in the "yellow rag" and didn't even get a call or an e-mail. With my Barnstormers Citabria 7GCBC ad, I was still getting calls on my plane even after changing the heading to "SOLD". Potential buyers were saying: "just calling to make sure it's gone." If you want to spend less and get more, you have found the place! It's BARNSTORMERS.COM. " - Chet Wolery - Chester, Montana - 17 Apr 2008


"Thank you very much! You have a great service! Incidentally, I received far more response from my one ad on Barnstormers than I received from 3 ads on eBay." - Anthony "Skip" Penizotto - Ambler, Pennsylvania - 10 Mar 2008


"Barnstormers is GREAT... even from so far away as New Zealand I got stuff off your advertisers. The eFLYER is wonderful, even inspiring. Thanks." - Neville M Cameron - Coromandel, New Zealand - 10 Mar 2008


"I couldn't believe the initial responses. About 20 minutes after hitting the submit button, the calls and emails started coming in. I had an offer within 2 hours, and several waiting to hear. Responses came from all around the US, Canada, Europe, and South America. Incredible!! Bearnstormers is the best place to advertise of all." - Rich Ranaudo - Loudon, Tennessee - 29 Feb 2008


"It took awhile, probably because it's in the middle of winter, but you made it possible for me to connect with a fellow flyer in Virginia. He wanted what I had, and I wanted what he had. It was a win/win situation, so we traded! This is the second plane you've helped me with. Thanks! " - Kirk Giezen - Parker, Colorado - 27 Feb 2008


"Good Folks: Yes, the ad would have cost more in TAP, however, it wouldn't have near as much exposure. Thanks so very much!" - Bill Mitchell - Denver, Colorado - 27 Feb 2008


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