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Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"I sold my Sonex after only one day on your site. Please mark the Sonex as sold. Thank You for a wonderful site!!" - Tom Jeschke - DePere, Wisconsin - 20 Jan 2008


"Wow! Over 29,000 people viewed my ad in the middle of winter. The RV8 sold today after just three weeks on the market and only advertised on Barnstormers. Thanks. This is the 'hapnin' place." - Jim Richmond - Yakima, Washington, USA - 17 Jan 2008


"THANKS BARNSTORMERS! I had many replies to my ad in BARNSTORMERS to buy my "1947 Aeronca 11CC 85HP aircraft. It SOLD sooner than expected. Because of BARNSTORMERS reasonable rates and wide base of customers, I never even considered placing this ad anywhere else. Keep up the great service!" - Ken Tittle - Dayton, Ohio - 05 Nov 2007


"I have been gettin' e-mails for the Cessna 150H aircraft, and I already sold the Madras wing tips. By the way, I got one reply from Trade-A-Plane without a sale of my aircraft. I am gettin' more from my Barnstormers ad. Thanks again!" - Ron Thompson - Bryan, Ohio - 30 Oct 2007


"Thanks Barnstormers! I placed an ad for my propeller @ 1am on Saturday and the buyer flew over from Wisconsin and picked it up on Sunday @ 4pm. Besides the buyer, there were 2 others that offered to buy it based on the photos that I included in the ad. I got my asking price. I'll be back!" - Ralph Magnusson - Wyoming, Minnesota - 30 Oct 2007


"Just want to say what a great job Barnstormers did for me in helping me sell my Cessna 150/150 Texas Taildragger. Just to let you know it has been great doing business with Barnstormers. Thank's very much." - Larry Mercer - Midland, Texas - 18 Oct 2007


"I placed a "Want Ad" on Barnstormers, and had my first hit 3 hours after posting. I had a total of three different offers!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!" - Jack L. Williams - Sugar Land, Texas - 02 Oct 2007


"I sold the prop that I advertised about 6 weeks ago, and I placed an ad Monday night for selling my RV7 project and sold it in 2 days after receiving about 20 enquiries" - Al Malecha - Payson, Arizona - 20 Sep 2007


"I have just placed a deposit on a Stearman that fits my requirements to a tee. The Stearman that I am about to purchase and export to Australia was never advertised for sale and the purchase was a result purely of me placing the want ad with Barnstormers. This will make it the second aircraft that I have purchased in this fashion from the USA. Well done and thanks once again, Baroness." - Jace Harrison - Sunbury, Australia - 20 Sep 2007


"We know how expensive T-A-P is... we ran the ad for 3 weeks and had NO calls. From the minute I placed the Avid Flyer ad on the Barnstormers site, we began getting phone calls and emails - dozens each week. We successfully sold the plane as parts yesterday to someone in Canada that drove down to Michigan to buy and pick up the plane. I can't tell you how impressed with your site we are. THANK YOU! We will make a donation soon!" - Susan Ashley - Allegan, Michigan - 17 Sep 2007


"I listed my trike on the 20th and had a cashier's check in my hand on the 23rd. The first phone call came within thirty minutes. I could not believe it. Within 24 hours I had 5 people interested. Thank you, Barnstormers" - Darryl B. Meadows - Cocoa, Florida - 23 Aug 2007


"Thanks for the effectiveness of your website for selling my Varga2150 in less than 10 days! I certainly will recommend Barnstormers to anyone as an effective marketplace! " - Ray J Johnson - Prescott, Arizona - 20 Aug 2007


"Just want to say what a great job Barnstormers did for me in helping me sell my RV6-4TY. The homepage featured ad was a great idea and I am glad I spent the money to do it. Thanks again." - Robert Davis - Ashland, Oregon - 10 Aug 2007


"Thanks to Barnstormers. Really is a great source to find all that we need, and to do good business." - Ing. Jorge Oddone - Zarate-Buenos Aires, Argentina - 03 Aug 2007


"Guess what? My RV-4 not only sold within 24 hours of posting my ad on Barnstormers, but was flown to its new home in Georgia by the new owner! " - William G. Plunk - Melbourne, Florida - 27 Jul 2007


"Thanks to Barnstormers my Cub had over 35 inquires and was sold in less than 48 hours. The power of Barnstormers is the best." - Larry Runge - Franksville, Wisconsin - 25 Jul 2007


"Hey guys - My Porterfield sold in less than two weeks by my ad on Barnstormers.com. You have a great website, keep up the good work." - Clark Parker - Forsyth, Missouri - 17 Jul 2007


"Trade-A-Plane sucks!!! Barnstormers RULES!!! " - Gary L. Davis - Murfreesboro, Tennessee - 16 Jul 2007


"I placed the ad for my RV4 at 6:30pm on Thursday evening. The first of 27 emails/calls came 1 hour later. The plane was sold on Monday. It was priced fair for what it was! Thanks!" - Vernon Dury - Hurst, Illinois - 29 Jun 2007


"Thanks Barnstormers. My Gyroplane Project sold to a man in Holland who contacted me the day after the ad went in!" - Hap Enander - Brighton, Colorado - 02 Jun 2007


"The Cessna 140 has been sold. Barnstormers is, without a doubt, the best venue for aircraft and related products advertising. We will do business again." - Ray Scarpulla - Annapolis, Maryland - 15 May 2007


"My 1998 Glasair II-S FT is now sold. I had over 20 inquiries with 9 that were serious enough to want to know if the guy with first option bought (which he did). It sold for $75K. Please mark it SOLD!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS." - John Hong - Salome, Arizona - 14 May 2007


"I just returned from delivering my Wag Aero Wagabond to the new owner in Northern Minnesota... he's gonna love it. Thanks for turning me on to the potential of the Homepage Featured Ad for selling this aircraft. It worked! I couldn't hardly keep up with the calls and emails. I marked my ad "SOLD THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS". Thanks!" - Dave Tharp - Trafalgar, Indiana - 07 May 2007


"Thanks a bunch, BarnStormers! I placed my KR2 ad on April 17th and had at least a half dozen serious inquiries almost immediately. The first fella came to see it on April 22nd. It was "Love At First Sight" and we closed the deal that same date. Two days later, we loaded the plane on his trailer and he set out for home. It's a beautiful plane at a reasonable price, but it was BarnStormers that got the word out." - Thurman Longcrier - Florence, Alabama - 26 Apr 2007


"Absolutely amazing.. Second ad, second sale. This one took 90 minutes from when I placed the ad. First one took only 5 mins. What's wrong??? LOL.. Thanks, Barnstormers!" - Mark Greenstone - La Mesa, California - 23 Apr 2007


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