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Barnstormers Receives More Than A Million Visits and 17 Million Pageviews From 200 Countries - EVERY MONTH


Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"The calls for the SUPERCUB kept coming, even after the ad expired. The aircraft left yesterday. Thanks BARNSTORMERS!" - Bruce Corey - Millville, New Jersey - 02 Feb 2010


"Baroness: Tell your sales manager he was right! My Barnstormers Homepage Featured Ad sold my J3 KITTEN to a buyer who called, paid full price in seven days sight unseen, and picked it up in 10 days after a 1,400-mile drive. I have so many pages of responses around me that that I lost his email address. Thanks to both of you." - Richard Weaver - Crystal River, Florida - 29 Jan 2010


"I have been in business for over 40 years and know the value of a good "ad". This is the first time I have used a website, and I have to say I am very pleased with the response that "BARNSTORMERS.COM" produced with one little ad! I will be using "BARNSTORMERS" again real soon. Thanks "BARNSTORMERS!"" - Herb Graham - Merritt, B.C., Canada - 22 Jan 2010


"My RV-7A sold in a very short time using Barnstormers! Your site is user friendly and has been a great advertising value to me in selling the plane. Thank you for your follow up phone call last week and excellent customer service. Well done!" - Jeff Conner - Findlay, Ohio - 22 Jan 2010


"Thank you, BARNSTORMERS. I sold my MONNETT MONI motorglider two weekends ago from a Barnstormers' inquiry. I have to tell you that your service was phenomonal. I had so many inquiries! Never got close to that response from craigslist. If you need the name of a more than satisfied user, please feel free to use my name! Thanks again." - Mark Solomon - Orlando, Florida - 21 Jan 2010


"Thank you, BARNSTORMERS, for the opportunity to list the 1942 INTERSTATE CADET S-1A on your site. You helped to merge the perfect buyer with the perfect aircraft in record time." - Ron Smith - Natchitoches, Louisiana - 19 Jan 2010


"Just to let you know... I sell planes all over the world from BARNSTORMERS.COM. Everybody knows about and uses Barnstormers. Pretty cool, HUH?! You are World Wide! Thanks!" - Bart Phillips, RTI Aviation - Carlsbad, California - 05 Jan 2010


"BARNSTORMERS just helped me sell my 1972 182P CESSNA SKYLANE and I appreciate it very much! I received about 8 to 10 inquiries on the plane almost immediately after the ad ran. It is obvious that BARNSTORMERS.COM has a huge following!!! Thanks again," - J. Edward Howell, Jr. - Franklin, Virginia - 26 Dec 2009


"Thank you for the excellent website at BARNSTORMERS.COM. We sold our AERONCA CHAMP today. I was very pleased with the ease of setting up the ad and adding the photos. We had several calls that day and many in the next two days. Thank you again." - Phil Griffith - Dawn, Missouri - 20 Dec 2009


"I've sold two airplanes on Barnstormers within the past 18 months, both sold within 2 weeks of being listed. I believe BARNSTORMERS.COM is the absolute best marketplace on the web for all things aviation." - Doug Commins - Villa Rica, Georgia - 19 Dec 2009


"Barnstormers is awesome! Five years ago I bought my first Ercoupe which I used to train people with disabilities to fly. That evolved into a thriving business of buying and selling Ercoupes. I use Barnstormers.com as my primary source both to buy and sell. The website is easy to use. Adding new planes to sell is a breeze and the price, well, it’s an absolute bargain! The added feature of the “Specs Page” makes it easy to include as much detail and verbiage to the ad as anyone could want and the “link to my website” has driven many, many buyers to me. “Barnstormers” is so much better than Trade-a-Plane, at a fraction of the cost. Thank you Barnstormers for helping my business grow." - Glen Davis, GAD Aircraft Services, LLC - Hoboken, New Jersey - 15 Dec 2009


"As an aircraft broker I advertise on numerous sites but Barnstormers is by far the best. Barnstormers SELLS planes! Thanks for a great site." - Harry Kraemer, President, Kraemer Aviation Services - Flymall - Germantown, Maryland - 11 Dec 2009


"Thank you very much, BARNSTORMERS. Wow, talk about immediate service!! You guys are the best." - Mick McDonald - St. George, Utah - 10 Dec 2009


"BARNSTORMERS service is AMAZING! I sold my CESSNA 140 in one week. This service is the best way to sell an airplane fast. I would recommend BARNSTORMERS.COM to everyone." - Ron M. Miller - Lincoln, Nebraska - 10 Dec 2009


"Thanks, BARNSTORMERS! The CESSNA 195 PROJECT sold almost immediately, with a huge response." - Frank Schmidt - Laytonsville, Maryland - 09 Dec 2009


"Tough times are made much easier thanks to the service at BARNSTORMERS.COM. I was able to sell my SCHWEIZER SGU-1-19 in the first day I listed it. I gave the buyer a great deal and I came back out happy for Him and Me. He was as excited with His buy as I was with the sale. Thank You BARNSTORMERS for helping us all when others would take advantage! You are a Blessing!!" - John Badenhope - Greeneville, Tennessee - 25 Nov 2009


"The CESSNA 180 sold to the first caller from the ad on BARNSTORMERS only two hours after I posted the ad. Thanks for the great ad platform." - Richard Welsh - Bellevue, Washington - 24 Nov 2009


"MUSTANG II PROJECT • SOLD IN TWO DAYS!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS! Please mark my add SOLD. Thanks very much, Barnstormers is for real. My airplane kit sold in two days. It's been shipped, and I've been paid, and I'm still getting calls from people wanting to buy it. Many thanks..." - Mike C. Steinberg - Newman, California - 21 Nov 2009


"Once again, BARNSTORMERS.COM has helped us sell another Aviation Part. It is truly unbelievable how many inquiries we had, and how fast we were able to sell something using your website." - Bennett Slack, Instructor Assistant, The Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 06 Nov 2009


"I want to thank you all for such a great service. I have been using you now for the past year and have had more success with BARNSTORMERS than ASO and TAP! Great job! Keep it up! Thanks." - Bill Colleran, Exquisite Aircraft Sales - West Mifflin, Pennsylvania - 06 Nov 2009


"Thanks Barnstormers for selling my BELLANCA 260 VIKING in 10 Days. You guys are the greatest." - Elvin Nelson - Iola, Kansas - 27 Oct 2009


"Thanks BARNSTORMERS for attracting quality people like Art Moose from Plane Junque and Moose Art. I bought a BABY LAKES PROJECT and it was better than represented. Awesome!" - Les Funk - Winnipeg, Canada - 13 Oct 2009


"I was blown away with the response I received on my Aero Commander ad. I wasn't ready for all the questions I received, but rebounded quickly with a better performance sheet than what I started with. I can't believe that the first people who saw my plane on BARNSTORMERS were the ones that bought it. Thanks again for such a great marketplace for us aviation nuts!" - Mike Rice - Boerne, Texas - 08 Oct 2009


"You guys are the best! I received calls from all points of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Sold the plane to a gentleman pilot from Canada. Thanks for the exposure." - Rod Stach - Lynnwood, Washington - 06 Oct 2009


"Thank you, BARNSTORMERS! Your website is the best! I successfully traded my Harley for a plane!" - Gordon Stangl - Downing, Wisconsin - 24 Sep 2009


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