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Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"You got the best ever website on the planet!!! I tell everyone about it and I bump into people in the strangest places that know about Barnstormers (Tenn, Tex, Ala)! Whatta they know about airplanes down there yall? Thanks for all your hard work." - Ron Rounds - Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Usa - 03 Mar 2002


"Baroness... I can't thank you enough for having your site and keeping it up the way you do. You can count on my monetary thanks each time I place an ad. It may not be a lot of money but what you do here is terrific. Thanks again." - Steve Cowell - Denver, Colorado, Usa - 01 Mar 2002


"Your web site does the aviation community a great deed!!! Most talked about web site I know of. Keep up the great work..." - Captain Blye Chehock - Duluth, Minnesota, Usa - 26 Feb 2002


"THIS AVIATION MIRACLE - GETS RESULTS!" - Hilmar Op't Hof - QUEST AIR INC - Johannesburg, South Africa - 23 Feb 2002


"Your site is fantastic!! Just spent the past half hour looking around. The 'Boneyard' brought back many memories for this old/young 70+ yr old pilot. I'm flying an old Mini Max Ultralight, but will be looking for a 2 seater soon." - Quenton Wood - Geneva, Florida, Usa - 23 Feb 2002


"We all love ya for the hard work you put into the site. You are the hardest working Woman I know. Kisses & Hugs. " - Brian Sinclair - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 22 Feb 2002


"Baroness, I've found the parts I was looking for. But now I can't stop visiting your site!!!!!! Thanks a millon. AMERICA FOREVER!!!!!" - Steve Vanderbeck - Milford, New Hampshire, Usa - 22 Feb 2002


"WOW!! - nice website folks. Thanks for the free ads." - Michael Crisman - Sacramento, CA, Usa - 21 Feb 2002


"I appreciate your web site and all the help you give to General Aviation. I dont mess with Trade a Plane... TOO OLD TO READ THAT FINE PRINT.... Thanks from all of us." - Gene Evans - Newnan, Georgia, Usa - 19 Feb 2002


"I have bought 2 airplanes that I found on your site and am selling one now. I just donated $50 for the cause. Hope it helps keep things running smooth. I love this site. I check it out almost every day. Thanks Baroness." - Raymond Cavazos - Chesterfield, Michigan, Usa - 16 Feb 2002


"Dear Baroness, Over the past years we have advertised aircraft for sale on your great site, and had the satisfaction of receiving dozens of qualified inquiries with every submission. We have tried other sites, but with little or no success. The quality of response from Barnstormers certainly fills every need we have. European Management Inc. has been in aviation for some 27 plus years, and will continue to support Barnstormers as they have supported us since its inception. Thank you for maintaining a quality site, and keep up the good work." - Robert McAngus, CEO - EUROPEAN-MANAGEMENT - Scottsdale, Arizona, Usa - 16 Feb 2002


"great place to look for any A/C make or mod." - Goody - Fzg, GA, Usa - 16 Feb 2002


"Excellent service. Easy to use. Have and will continue to recommend your site." - Louise Noel De Tilly - Toronto, Canada - 11 Feb 2002


"I just donated $20. I have 2 ads running now & I get calls all the time. What a great service!" - Larry Geiger, Student Ultralight Pilot - Lincoln, Nebraska, Usa - 11 Feb 2002


"For your information, I posted an AOG ad for a Cessna wing, and I had a reply after 10 minutes! Thanks." - Eugene Jonai - TITAN TRADING - Eindhoven, Netherlands - 11 Feb 2002


"Dear Baroness: I have sold the SUPER DC-3 WARBIRD and the aircraft parts that I have advertised on Barnstormers. Thanks for everything!" - Dick Durand, President - WESTERNAIR, INC. - Albuquerque, New Mexico, Usa - 11 Feb 2002


"This site is SO AMAZING people were calling and emailing me BEFORE I posted my ad. WOW!!! Super duper and incredible and only 10 grams of fat!!!" - Bill Berle - Pacoima, CA, USA - 11 Feb 2002


"GOT IT!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS!! Many thanks to Barnstormers. I have found my Walter engines M601D (first overhaul) with AIR SERVICES POLONIA located Warsaw, Poland. Arriba Barnstormers!" - José-Luis Garcia, President - SAS JET AZUR - Cannes La Bocca, France - 07 Feb 2002


"Thank you for your note. I had a response within 30 minutes of sending in my ad. I just happened upon your site. I'll be back to you again, I'm sure." - Roy Ferguson - Warner, New Hampshire, Usa - 07 Feb 2002


"Greetings your Highness! Just a short note to pay homage to the Finest aviation site in the WORLD!!! I have a couple of ads listed with you and the latest I listed last night and sold the item today!!! A thousand thanks. You can expect a bonus in the mail very soon to help keep this site running!! Best Regards." - Keith Lawhorn - LAWHORN CLASSIC AVIATION - Davenport, Florida, Usa - 07 Feb 2002


"Great site. Hope to capture a Turbomeca or GE turbine 600-1000 lb thrust. Looks like I may have found a good place for that to happen... " - Bill Spadafora - Clarkston, Michigan, Usa - 07 Feb 2002


"Your name reflected how fast my GPU sold. 4 hours after listing on your site. Thanks!!!!!!!!" - Keith Voykin - Castlegar, BC, Canada - 07 Feb 2002


"Just heard about ya'all and am checkin' you out for the first time." - Edmund Frechette - Crossville, TN, Usa - 06 Feb 2002


"Thank you for allowing me to submit my ad for Stearman training in the Biplane section. This is simply a wonderful site !! Keep up the good work." - Bob Kraemer - Chesterfield, Missouri, Usa - 03 Feb 2002


"This site is just @*$%&% amazing. I only posted the C-175 ad the other day, and I already got about ten inquiries." - Bill Berle - Pacoima, California, Usa - 03 Feb 2002


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