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Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"I just want to say hello and thank you for this great web site. I think your generosity and good spiritedness is really something special. I've just started visiting your site this past few months and have already made several signifigant purchases and many fun discoveries (my imagination has been challenged!). It sounds as if you're bearing quite a load. It's a great thing you've got going here, I hope you're being good to yourself. Take care and God bless you." - Ron Rothell - ., Usa - 27 Jan 2002


"Thanks Guys.... BARNSTORMERS.com is the BEST." - Sal D'Orazio - Edgewater, Florida, Usa - 27 Jan 2002


"Fantastic site!!!" - Ralph De Jong - Hoofddorp, Netherlands - 24 Jan 2002


"Great Site!! I use it a lot." - Warwick W. Heslop - Berg-kampenhout, Belgium - 22 Jan 2002


"Thank you, my friends. I have found the ultralight I was seeking, in only 6 days from posting my want ad. You offer a supreme service and I plan to use you in the future for all my ultralight needs. Again, thanks." - Jim Wiley - Lashmeet, West Virginia, Usa - 21 Jan 2002


"Thanks Barnstormers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest don't compare." - Dave Brainard - TEAM TANGO - Gainesville, Florida, Usa - 21 Jan 2002


"Merci bien, Madame!" - Les Jones - York, PA, Usa - 19 Jan 2002


"Baroness: I really appreciate what you are doing for the ultralight community among other types of flying. Flying is my first love, and I always come to you when I'm looking for a flying machine, or parts. Thanks again." - Michael J. Maas - Newton Falls, Ohio, Usa - 19 Jan 2002


"Hi Baroness: You have a GREAT website, and a super imagination - MY HAT off to you and your staff (I bet it's not very big). Keep up the great work!" - Peter Pruyn, President of METROAIR, INC. - Patterson, New York, Usa - 18 Jan 2002


"Thank ya Madame la baronne. Your site is really terrific, please keep going." - Jean Christophe Calabuig - Paris, France - 17 Jan 2002


"I bow to you, my Baroness!!! " - Rich Exposito, Regional Sales - PARTSBASE.COM - Boca Raton, Florida, Usa - 16 Jan 2002


"Trade-A-Plane is for getting my fireplace going! You guys RULE! Thanks for all you do!" - Bill Haddan - DREAM WEAVER AVIATION - Richards, Missouri, Usa - 16 Jan 2002


"Thank you and God Bless. I am getting great response and shall tell all my web pals what a great service you provide. Many thanks." - Jim Wiley - Lashmeet, West Virginia, Usa - 16 Jan 2002


"Baroness: We have been loyal fans of yours for years. Thx." - The Aerospace Group - Greensboro, North Carolina, Usa - 16 Jan 2002


"Just discovered this site - brilliant! Keep up the good work." - Mr. Ben Brown - Northampton, Uk - 15 Jan 2002


"Dear Baroness: Thanks for your superb website. It's a quantum leap forward for aviation. Best regards." - Bernhard Rouschal - Dietzenbach, Germany - 13 Jan 2002


"Thanks Barnstormers. This site is way cool... I'm telling all my students about it. Power hanggliding - the coolest way to fly. Flysafe." - Gus Pappous - Panama City Beach, Fl., Usa - 10 Jan 2002


"I think your web site is EXCELLENT. Please keep up the excellent work. It is a true benefit to all in the aviation industry and even more so for experimenters like myself." - Vince Bertone - Long Island, New York, Usa - 09 Jan 2002


"This website is so cool. It's a new adventure every time I log on! Wheee" - Christine - Jacksonville, Florida, Usa - 06 Jan 2002


"I just have to say that you guys are too kewl... imagine... in the cyber age of today... there is a free service to help a guy or gal sell, trade, or purchase a plane, ultralight, or homebuilt (experimental) at no costs... I will in the near future make a financial contribution to your webpage... once again, cudo's to such an awesome concept... oh, and remember my name... lol... you may one day hear it everywhere... (the guy who flew his ultra. to the moon or some silly adventure)... Your friend!" - Coda L. Riley - Howe, Oklahoma, Usa - 06 Jan 2002


"THANKS THANKS THANKS! WE LUV U!! Barnstormers sold my plane in a matter of a few weeks! It use to take months in TRADE-A-PLANE and they would shop me to death. Barnstormers, you're the GREATEST! I have bought and sold for years... TRADE-A-PLANE is just an old fart's joke. Barnstormers is where it is. I just bought a nice Mark III at a fair price, was happy with my deal, and the seller was happy, so what more can you ask for. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I'M STILL DIZZY! WOW!" - Gene Smith - Social Circle, Georgia, Usa - 06 Jan 2002


"Dear Baroness: I, and many others, are acutely aware of the great and necessary service you are providing for the aviation community. I am also aware of the considerable cost of providing this service and believe that all should help support you in your effort. As to financial support, I'm not comfortable with subscribing to your service for an undetermined length of time. Since I am not in the aviation business as such, and would only post one or two ads a year, I would prefer to pay, or contribute, on an individual ad basis. I have sent a check in the past, and anticipate that when the ad that I have just posted sells, that a contribution of 5 or 10 percent would be in line. Thank you again for me and all the other weekend fliers out there who need a quick and easy way of finding a seller or buyer for all our aviation what-knots." - Rex Evelsizer - Oberlin, Ohio, Usa - 05 Jan 2002


"Best to the Baroness in the New Year and thank you for the hours of pleasure that this site has given me. God Bless." - John Melnick - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 04 Jan 2002


"I had given up building a Vans RV because the engine was going to cost more than I could afford, twice the price of the kit. Then I found Barnstormers! I've found several Lycomings for less than half the cost of new and now I CAN afford an RV. T H A N K S !!" - Robert E Johnson - ., Usa - 03 Jan 2002


"I was searching the web for info on aircraft boneyards when I came across your site, and your boneyard photo-tours. Very nice." - John Guentzel - Austin, Texas, Usa - 02 Jan 2002


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