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"THANKS, BARONESS!!! SOLD!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS!! I found a new airplane I wanted but had to sell mine first. I put an ad on BARNSTORMERS and had calls starting within two hours. Now my Wag-A-Bond is sold and I am heading for Seattle to pick up my Moriah Express." - Victor Roberts - Roswell, Georgia, Usa - 23 Jun, 2003
"Thanks to BARNSTOMERS I found the Van's RV6-A I had been looking for... the one of my dreams, in TEXAS. Thanks to the Baroness, I'm a happy customer." - Ken Cowan - Topeka, Kansas, Usa - 03 Jun, 2003
"Your site rocks. Sold the plane in 1 day... Could have saved myself over $100 in Trade-A-Plane if I'd known about your site sooner..." - Adam Plummer - Hampstead, Maryland, Usa - 01 Jun, 2003
"Thanks to Barnstormers I sold my J3 Piper Cub almost immediately. In fact the person who ended up buying the Cub, responded to my add 20 minutes after I posted it. Thank You Barnstormers! This is the best site for Aircraft Enthusiasts!" - John Mulberry - Idaho Falls, Idaho, Usa - 29 May, 2003
"Dear Baroness, Thank you for the opportunity for a place for us amateurs to shop. I am one of your daily shoppers and Barnstormers is my first stop on internet shopping. I have purchased four planes and several parts from Barnstormers and very satisfied. The thing I noticed the most about Barnstormers is the quality of people associated with Barnstormers for customer satisfaction and the quality of people advertising are the most honest of anywhere I have dealt with. Keep up the good work from one of your very satisfied customers. Thank You!" - Scott Bullard - Halltown, Missouri, Usa - 24 May, 2003
"SkyTrails Air Tours & Charters would like to thank for providing an excellent service in aviation... Thank you very much for allowing us to post our ads and photos and banner on your site, truly amazing!!" - Dave Shaver & Mike Weiner - Collingwood/ Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada - 16 May, 2003
"I went to Barnstormers specifically because it's the best. I bought my homebuilt through Barnstormers and I'm selling my twin through you. Trade-A-Plane... bah! I think you should publish your own paper'd probably put those guys out of business!" - Samer Najia - Gaithersburg, Maryland, Usa - 09 May, 2003
"Our motorglider sold this weekend thanks to our ad. Thank you very much for this service which has become such an important part of the aviation world." - Steve Beaver - Columbus, Ohio, Usa - 13 Apr, 2003
"GOT IT!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS!! Thank you Barnstormers and Partsguys. I went onto Barnstormers yesterday looking for a magneto for my classic Stearman. I have not been able to find this thing for 6 months. I sent an e-mail to this Partguys group and I still can't believe you found this thing. I would have thought the charge was going to be out of my range, but I was happily surprised. I am 95% complete and I will be up in the air by late spring. Thanks again, and if Partsguys or Barnstormers ever need a reference, you can count on me!" - Jerry Pfau - Augusta, Georgia, Usa - 04 Apr, 2003
"Thanks! I sold the ultralight body within 2 hours after listing on Barnstormers!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! " - Les Shockley - Galena, Kansas, Usa - 04 Apr, 2003
"Dear Baroness: Thank you very much for the Barnstormers Website. I have found it to be quite effective with aircraft sales!" - Jim Pippin, Aircraft Sales Manager - DODSON AVIATI - Ottawa, Kansas, Usa - 01 Apr, 2003
"My Safari helicopter sold in ten days. I received far more calls from my Barnstormers ad than Trade-A-Plane. Thank you." - Mike Garramone - Altamont, New York, Usa - 26 Mar, 2003
"Your site was a great help. I listed a COM radio and my old GPS and sold them both in three days. Kuddos !!" - Ed Regensburg - Greensboro, North Carolina, Usa - 19 Mar, 2003
"Dear Baroness, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the exposure I received after placing an ad on your website for the sale of my Pitts biplane. In one day, I received over 20 emails and 10 phone calls in response to the ad. I updated the status of the ad to "deal pending". When it closes I will be making a small contribution to help maintain your website. May all other pilots do the same. What a superior job you are doing! Thanks for the service." - Matthew Potter - Fresno, California, Usa - 17 Mar, 2003
"Success! We are happy to tell you that we have sold our ultralight, thanks to your website, in two weeks time. Really amazing! We will be sending you a donation via mail this week. Thanks again for your service, it is great!" - Lee And Fran Hartsfield - Niland, California, Usa - 17 Mar, 2003
"Many thanks for your valuable support. Your site is a real professional tool." - Bruno Allus, Ceo - BLUE EUROPEAN AIRWAYS - Annet/ Marne, France - 15 Mar, 2003
"Many thanks to the Baroness and staff that brings us together. We always appreciate your kind assistance and support for our aviation needs. Keep them flying! Lots of love." - Allen Carpenter - Bangkok, Thailand - 13 Mar, 2003
"BARNSTORMERS DOES IT AGAIN! a BIG THANK YOU to the greatest aircraft related web site on the web! and especially to the baroness.. I had great sucess with my recent ads in less than a week! GREAT JOB! Keep up the excellent work!... again THANK YOU!" - Jolly Dawson - Aurora, Oregon, Usa - 04 Mar, 2003
"I needed a cheap secondhand GPS for my homebuilt... found it on Barnstormers. This is an excellent site. There is no need to go anywhere else. Thanks for providing the service." - Bruce Black - Tauranga, New Zealand - 24 Feb, 2003
"Dear Baroness, You folks have a truly beautiful "web site". You have helped me sell a piece of machinery that I never thought I would EVER move. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You folks are certainly getting one hell of a reputation in "cyberspace" and it is definitely a GOOD one. Thanks again." - Neil Rhino Rinearson - Falls Church, Virginia, Usa - 23 Feb, 2003
"VERY NET-SITING WEBSITE!" - Captain Pinky J Firmansyah - Jakarta, Indonesia - 22 Feb, 2003
"RECOMMENDED BY ALL WHO FLY!" - Captain Bambang Jatmika - Jakarta, Indonesia - 22 Feb, 2003
"I pulled a propeller off my airplane one afternoon, advertised it on Barnstormers, had 4 inquires by that night, and sold it the next morning. Even a 30-year jaded airplane businessman like me has to admit the stunning advantages of that. Thanks for making this possible." - Chad Wille - ST. CROIX AIRCRAFT - Corning, Iowa, Usa - 19 Feb, 2003
"Another satisfied customer thanks to Barnstormers. Donation has been sent. Keep up the good work for you are #1 in my SKIES." - Great Lakes Upholstery - Sarnia Airport Hangar # 2, Canada - 18 Feb, 2003
"Ringrazio a Barnstormers per ser il sitio piu importante di aeronautica " - Euromacchine Trading Italy - Penitro Di Formia, Latina, Italy - 17 Feb, 2003