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Barnstormers Receives More Than A Million Visits and 17 Million Pageviews From 200 Countries - EVERY MONTH


Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"I was blown away with the response I received on my Aero Commander ad. I wasn't ready for all the questions I received, but rebounded quickly with a better performance sheet than what I started with. I can't believe that the first people who saw my plane on BARNSTORMERS were the ones that bought it. Thanks again for such a great marketplace for us aviation nuts!" - Mike Rice - Boerne, Texas - 08 Oct 2009


"You guys are the best! I received calls from all points of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Sold the plane to a gentleman pilot from Canada. Thanks for the exposure." - Rod Stach - Lynnwood, Washington - 06 Oct 2009


"Thank you, BARNSTORMERS! Your website is the best! I successfully traded my Harley for a plane!" - Gordon Stangl - Downing, Wisconsin - 24 Sep 2009


"We recently sold our 1980 SuperCub PA-18-150. We placed ads with Barnstormers and a number of well-known national publications. 90% of our inquiries originated from the Barnstormers ad – an unbelievable response. Thank you so much for your excellent service." - Don & Char Meloche - Alpine, California - 22 Sep 2009


"I sold my Cessna 310 in about 20 days using Barnstormers. It was the 310L listed for $50,000 OBO. Barnstormers got me aver 20 good contacts and 4 very serious potential buyers." - Don Higgins, WINDHOUND AVIATION - Fisherville, Kentucky - 25 Aug 2009


"Without BARNSTORMERS.COM, numerous people who sell aviation products would be lost." - Jim Parham, AEROBREEZE - Bowdon, Georgia - 23 Aug 2009


"I sold my LYNX MICRO HEADSET within 3 hours of posting my ad on BARNSTORMERS.COM. I had this headset at AirVenture for a full week and did not sell. Thanks very much. I will be advertising several more items this week." - Jim Haunstein - Marysville, Pennsylvania - 13 Aug 2009


"Thanks, Barnstormers! Within minutes of posting ads, the phone calls and emails started coming. Sold the UltraCom Pilot's helmet and Hand-Held Transceiver within minutes of posting, and have had many serious inquiries on other items. You ARE the best place to sell!" - Greg Newman - Carrabelle, Florida - 10 Aug 2009


"1962 PIPER COLT TAILDRAGGER SOLD IN TWO DAYS!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS" - Wayne Mountain - Perry, Illinois - 10 Aug 2009


"Just to let you know that I had lots of interest with the Homepage Featured ad and in fact have sold my Murphy Rebel Amphib to the first of about five buyers that came with the cash. Worked great. Thanks BARNSTORMERS!" - John Peterson - Innisfil, Ontario, Canada - 08 Aug 2009


"When it comes time to reach the real “grass roots” aviation community, Barnstormer’s is a great place to go. Advertising on Barnstormers.com brings far better results than Trade-a-Plane at a far lower cost. I love it!" - Greg Herrick, Publisher of AIRCRAFT OWNER ELITE & Owner of HISTORIC AVIATION - New Brighton, Minnesota - 15 Jul 2009


"BARNSTORMERS is a great site. I run many ads on your site with various upgrades and even at $15.00, it is one of the best deals on the web. I stopped using the Controller... for one they are very expensive and not customer friendly. Your site sells planes!" - Harry Kraemer, President, Kraemer Aviation Services - Germantown, Maryland - 06 Jul 2009


"My LIGHTSPEED HEADSET sold in 30 minutes!!!" - Bill Crothers, JAYBEE AVIATION - Matthews, North Carolina - 29 Jun 2009


"Until recently, I had not had the opportunity to use Barnstormers.com, but it has rapidly become my number one choice of marketplace. I never expected it would be so easy to use, or that my ads would so quickly reach potential buyers. The results have been nothing short of dynamic! I'm sold on Barnstormers." - Larry T. Omps, Cherokee Aircraft Salvage - Winchester, Virginia - 09 Jun 2009


"Thank you very much. My CITABRIA 7ECA actually was sold about 4 hours after posting on BARNSTORMERS.COM." - James Hage - Sauk Centre, Minnesota - 05 Jun 2009


"My CESSNA 140 sold the first day because of the ad on Barnstormers. I never expected the responses I got. Thank you." - Jim Wright - Bristow, Oklahoma - 04 Jun 2009


"We placed our for sale ad on the Barnstormers.com website on a Tuesday, received an inquiry about the plane on Wednesday, an offer on Thursday and closed escrow on the sale in 2 weeks. Thank you BARNSTORMERS.COM!" - Paul and Sue Marschalk - Bristol, Tennessee - 03 Jun 2009


"Thank you very much. BARNSTORMERS has help me more than I could of ever imagined !!!!" - Rick Davis, RED GOLD ROTAX ENGINES & OVERHAULS - Naples, Florida - 01 Jun 2009


"I received many e-mails through my Barnstormers ad and, believe it or not, my Kitfox Model 4 was sold within 36 hours of posting it. In fact, several potential buyers were disappointed that it sold so quickly! It would have been even faster if my computer would have handled pics okay. So, this confirms again to me that your website is fantastic! Thanks BARNSTORMERS!" - Bob Scarlett - Bismarck, North Dakota - 28 May 2009


"I have been negotiating with 2 potential buyers for a few weeks. Today, I sold the GRUMMAN AA1A to the first person that made contact with me after posting my ad in BARNSTORMERS (full price offer). This is my second experience selling on BARNSTORMERS. You folks are fantastic." - John D. Andre - Chesapeake, Virginia - 26 May 2009


"Sold my project on the first day my ad was posted. You're getting my testimonial and a donation. Thanks BARNSTORMERS!" - Mike Florey - Dunnellon, Florida - 25 May 2009


"AMAZING! Sold my Sonex plans and Sonex parts to two separate buyers within the first day of the ad. The response was very strong. Thank you BARNSTORMERS !!" - John Marples - Sonoma, California - 07 May 2009


"This is just a quick thank you for providing an incredible marketing service. I posted my 1979 Super Decathlon for sale on Friday morning. Just hours after the ad was posted, my phone started ringing. Over the weekend I got 12 emails and about 10 phone inquiries about the airplane, including a serious buyer ready to purchase the airplane. According to your stats page, my ad was viewed over 17000 times and was clicked on over 500 times in just two days. Great service, keep up the great site!" - Jon Fudge - Buffalo, New York - 05 May 2009


"My plans for the Sonex has been sold within 1/2 hour of posting. Thank You BARNSTORMERS!" - Phil Hartman - Mountain, Wisconsin - 23 Apr 2009


"My Piper PA20/22 sold in 5 days and then I bought another plane from an ad on BARNSTORMERS.COM the next week. " - Lyle Stedman - Chittenango, New York - 20 Apr 2009


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