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AEROTREK SLSA AIRCRAFT • $99,950 • LSA FOR SALE • new 2021 Aerotrek A220 taildraggers and A240 tricycle-gear, factory-built light-sport aircraft - SLSA. Our planes have QUICK-FOLDING WINGS for easy storage or trailering. Available with standard tires and wheel pants or large tundra tires. Very well-equipped for $99,950.00 including radio, intercom, and transponder. ADS-B In/Out a $1495 option. Can equip with amphib floats or wheel-penetration skis. Over 600 manufactured in Europe since 1990 and over 145 delivered in the U.S. Available in Canada in the AULA category. Side-by-side seating and STOL performance with easy 120+ mph cruise.VISIT OUR WEBSITE • Contact Rob Rollison - AEROTREK AIRCRAFT , Owner - located Bloomfield, IN United States Telephone: 812 384 4972 • Posted January 4, 2021 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad • View Larger Images
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